Are you a small business trying to get a grip on Instagram?  Are you just trying to build your instagram profile with beautiful styled shots?  Either way, this guide to instagram product styling will give you the tips to get those gorgeous styled shots that everyone seems to have.


Selling products or promoting your brand doesn’t have to be daunting and overwhelming. Show off your products in the best possible way without sounding like an over enthusiastic salesman.

I’ve been styling products for brands for quite some time now.  I love sharing them on Instagram and the blog so they gain exposure.  Writing content and styling for lots of different brands is so much fun so I thought I’d share some of my knowledge so you can give it try yourself.


Show Off The Product

When styling with a particular product make sure it really stands out.  Show the product off in the best possible way and make it the hero of the image. Think about the other objects in the image, are they obstructing the hero piece?  Don’t let the product hide, really show it off.



Colour Palette

Think about the colour palette when styling the product.  I tend to stick to a colour theme. Think monochrome or a simple colour palette of pinks if that’s what you prefer.  Compliment the product you are styling with a colour theme.  This will be far more pleasing to the eye and not come across as messy and too busy.


Add A Personal Touch

Add a personal touch to your photo as after all this is your styling work and you want it to stand out from the rest.  Be original and think about what personal touch you would like to add.  I love adding fresh flowers to my images.  I also love adding a bit of pink as well.  These are like my signature styling props now along with a crisp white background.  I’ve had lots of comments that my images really stand out and people know that is my image before clicking on it.  Add you personal style so you stand out in the crowd.


Lighting and Composition

Are your images too dark and overloaded with props?  Think about lighting and composition.  Edit your images by removing a few items, does it look better with less?  Do you need to add more? Think about the time of day to take your image when it comes to lighting.  I love using natural light and find this makes my images crisp, sharp and bright.  Lighting is really important when it comes to your image and please no blurry images.


Backgrounds and Props

Think about what props you are going to use.  I love using flowers, plants from my garden, candles, donuts, macaroons and even cupcakes.  You could use books, magazines, jewellery, your computer keyboard.  These props all play a part in your styling and the story, keeping it interesting and original.  Think about your background also.  If you use a different background, will your product still shine and be the hero piece?  I love using a white background, the product really jumps out in the image using a white background.


I hope these tips have helped you.  If you are still stuck and finding it hard to style your products I can help you out.

Send me an email to discuss your styling needs and I can put together a package for you.

Lastly, remember these tips and you’ll be on your way to styling up a storm for your website or instagram:

Show off the Product

Colour Palette

Add a Personal Touch

Lighting and Composition

Background and Props

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Most importantly have fun and let me know how you go.