Have you noticed that Instagram has now changed?  Not sure whether it’s for good or for the bad, but I know one thing for sure is we might as well embrace the Instagram change and start working with it.

So what has changed I hear you ask?

Well Instagram now decides what images it thinks you would like to see in your feed.


No longer will your feed show photos from the time they were posted.   Now they will show in an order of  what Instagram thinks you prefer.  Some images might be from 2 minutes ago and some might be from 8 hours ago.


So what can you do about it?  There are a few things you can do to embrace the change and I’ll share my top tips that I believe are the best way to keep up with how Instagram is controlling your feed.


Like,Like and Like Some More

Instagram will show images in your feed that it thinks you want to see, so if you like my account @thestylistsplash then make sure you like the images.  That way I will appear in your feed.  The same applies to all the people you follow, the more you like them, the more you’ll see of them.


Interact with other accounts, leave comments and like some more.  Not only will this make sure you see the accounts you like but it will get others interested in your account so you are seen.  When someone leaves a comment, try to answer them back, be friendly and answer their query.

Remember, comment away and share the love.



Use hashtags relevant to your image.  I love general hashtags like #darlingmovement, #flashesofdelight #thehappynow #pursuepretty but think outside the box too.  Use hashtags that might get your image seen in a magazine like #sundaystyleloves or #hbmystyle.  People search hashtags for inspiration and if they see your image they might start liking and following your account.

Post Consistently

I can’t stress this enough.  If you are a business or you are wanting to gain more followers it is important to post often and consistently.  I post 2 to 3 times daily.  Don’t post 4 photos one day and then none for a week especially if you are trying to grow your followers.


Post Relevant To Your Audience

The quickest way to loose followers is to post irrelevant content.  Make sure you are always posting your best images so that way they will be liked, you will gain followers, they will get noticed on hashtags and you will remain in peoples feeds so they can enjoy your account.

Doesn’t seem to bad does it?

So remember, like, interact, use hashtags, be consistent, be relevant.

Let me know how you go?

Have the changes affected you?