Hands up who’s struggling to get noticed on their social media channels?  Yeah me too!  With all the changes happening to the way we view our feeds, is it any wonder.  I miss out on so much and vice versa, you miss seeing my posts too.

There are a few ways you can boost your business and I have written about them here and here.  Now if these tips aren’t cutting it for you then today’s post is all for you.

Here are 5 easy ways to boost your business before Christmas.


Run a Competition

Yes I know you are busy but really its a great way to get yourself noticed on either Instagram or FB.  I love running little competitions on Instagram but no longer is it about reposting pics of the prize.  No one wants the hassle of reposting.  Just a simple follow me and perhaps tag a friend is all that is needed to get noticed.  Simple is better.



Give your Clients Something For Free

If you have a blog, think about giving an e-course or a discount voucher to loyal subscribers or buyers.   Everyone loves a little something for free, especially this time of year.



Stay Active

We are all time poor at this time of year but it is even more important to stay active on social media.  Be seen, make comments, like and interact with your customers and peers.  Stay focused on what is important to your business and be sure to stay active on your own account by answering product questions.  I like to check in about 3 times a day but if you are a shop selling product, perhaps you might like to check in a little more often at this time of year.



Set up Newsletters for your Subscribers

Your customers are so important and one of the number one things you can do to boost your sales is to send an email.  Perhaps you could share a discount code or something free or some fun links.  Get noticed in their inbox.


The Face of a Business is as Important as the product or service

Remember this and stay true to your brand, product and services.   I like to share a little bit of a personal side on my Instagram by using stories but my feed stays true to what my business is all about.  No one wants to follow you and take you seriously if all you post is cute puppy dog pics but your actually an interior stylist.  Don’t stray from what you are all about.

Well I hope these points will help you and your business out through the silly season.

Let me know how you go?  Remember I am only going by my own experience.  If something I’ve mentioned here doesn’t work for you, give something else a go.

Good luck.