Who doesn’t love a before and after?

I’ve always dreamed of getting one for my home as I watch my favourite renovation shows. After all, doing renovations to your home can convert to big bucks at sale time.

Foxtel’s Lifestyle’s Selling Houses Australia is one of my favourites because it has always inspired me with countless home renovation tips. In this show, they renovate people’s unsaleable homes and convert them into sellable, profitable houses.

Today, I thought I’d share some renovation tips from the experts such as Andrew Winter and Shaynna Blaze on Selling Houses Australia, to show you why I’m currently hooked with this show.


Who doesn’t want a renovated kitchen? I’m pretty sure that the dream of cooking in a beautiful kitchen is on top of everyone’s renovation list.  Improving this area can transform your home from drab to fab and should be highly considered when renovating your home.

This Tahmoor NSW home from a recent episode on Selling Houses Australia had a run down outdated kitchen that just didn’t work.

Updating this kitchen brought it back to life and made it much more saleable. Anyone who gets the chance to cook here will surely feel like a top-notch chef serving in a fancy restaurant.


Painting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your home look fresh and updated.  It is a great way to get instant results and can easily be done in one weekend.  You got a variety of colour schemesto choose from, and every stroke of that brush can simply make your home feel new again.

This lounge room from a recent episode in Balgownie was brought back to life with paint. The beige colour was a little outdated and this whole room needed a refresh.

A brighter white made this living room look updated, fresh and clean.  Picking paint colours is very crucial when renovating, and doing it right might just take your home to a whole new level.

Timber Bi-Fold in The Kitchen

Having a bi fold window in the kitchen that opens out to a breakfast bar is a fantastic twist for your home.  Everyone loves to bring a bit of the outdoors inside and this will certainly do that.

You can see here in this Victoria Park, WA renovation how dark and outdated the kitchen window looks.

After the kitchen bi fold was installed, it instantly updated the look.  Opening up the kitchen space making it look so much larger and much more modern. This has entirely transformed the vibe and gave a larger breathable space for the room.

Window Dressings

Another easy way to update your home when renovating is to take a look at your current window dressings.

Outdated drapes or blinds can really make a home look old and old-fashioned.

These blinds showed here on this Casula, NSW home renovation make this bedroom feel instantly modern and fresh.  So it’s worth taking a look at your window dressings if you are about to do some renovating.


Take a look at the flooring in your home.  Does it need to be changed?  Flooring can have a huge impact on the overall look of your home so don’t overlook this.  Take note of outdated tiles, worn floor boards and ripped carpet. If this is sitting on the grounds of your lovely home, then it’s time to turn them all upside down.  

The updated floor is the Traralgon, Vic home in a recent episode really shows how much of an impact a new kitchen and flooring can have when renovating your home. In this picture it looks outdated, dull and old.

Certainly, there’s a lot to take note of when doing a makeover for your home. These are just a few to keep you alert on the details that you may overlook. To get more tips and inspiration, I highly suggest that you also watch Selling Houses Australia on Foxtel’s Lifestyle. This show will not only get your creative juices flowing, but will also give you practical tips on budgeting and prioritisation.


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