1. Hiding keys under a doormat or with a neighbour

It is probably only in the movies where people leave their homes and hide keys under the rock, flower pot or a doormat. Even if people used to do that in reality, times have changed, and crime has evolved. According to Australia’s Canstar website, 20% of residents commit this risky error. Apart from that, 14% prefer to hand over a spare key to a neighbour when they have to travel for long periods.

First of all, do you know your neighbour well enough to trust them with your home? Did you know that a 2018 security survey revealed that more than half of all burglary cases in the country happened because burglars had access to a spare key? A little over 30% resorted to breaking locks. For these reasons, you are better off investing in a modern way of securing your property. For example, you can find a locksmith company that specialises in digital key locks that you and only others you authorise can access.

  1. Neglecting security equipment maintenance

Modern security equipment tends to be a massive investment depending on the type and brand you go in for. However, you have a responsibility to do more in ensuring its optimal performance. Regular maintenance is a must for your security equipment. Your home alarm system, CCTVs, electrical wiring, etc., are excellent deterrents but can also become the weakest link in the chain. Fortunately, with regular maintenance, routine testing and servicing, you can rest assured your home is monitored at all times. As a tip, always stick to a licensed security technician.

  1. Ignoring to fix a lock on screen doors

Australia’s spring begins from now to the end of November. However, starting December to February, it will be summertime. Around that time of the year, many households love to keep their screen doors open to allow the cool breeze into the house. However, Australia’s screen factory says several prefabricated screen doors fail to meet the country’s standards.

The compelling reason for quick off-the-shelf sales is primarily due to the low price. Indeed, for a budget-conscious person, it may look like the best deal, but there’s more to lose when burglars break through your no-lock screen door into your home. You’re better off securing these doors with a sturdy lock system for added defence for your property.

  1. Leaving ladders outside and in the open

Ideally, your ladder should be secured and kept in a locked shed or garage. One of the most typical tools burglars use to access homes is the ladder. According to Allianz Australia, thieves often use ladders and other unsecured tools they find on the target’s property for operations.

Therefore, if you have a habit of leaving your ladder or garden tools out in the open, think again. Lastly, in this day of social media, you never know who is monitoring your posts. Therefore, avoid announcing to the world about upcoming vacations or trips.