There is an old saying, tidy desk tidy mind! Well, it really is valid, with research suggesting that decluttering your home has health benefits. As well as helping your mind and body, decluttering your home will allow you to make the best use of the space available. You can start with your outdoor entertaining space and then move into decluttering your home. Below are some tips to help you declutter effectively and enjoy your home more.

Start small

If you start with the feeling you need to declutter the whole house, procrastination will set in. Instead, the trick is to pick one section at a time and to set time aside for each task. If you can only give 30 minutes at a time, then be realistic and break down the task. If you start and reach the 30 minutes allocated and want to continue, that’s great but if you only get to do the time allocated, you will have completed the task and should congratulate yourself. 

Set aside a decluttering zone

It can be challenging to live in an area you are decluttering as, more often than not, it gets worse before it gets better! Set aside a place in your home where you have the space to sort out items. This means you can leave that area if you are unable to finish it all at once.  

Plan your method

You can choose to keep, sell, give to charity, or dump your items. This takes time to process, and if you have a lot of items you are going to dump, then a skip bin hire service may be an option for you. Remember also, if you are getting rid of paper that may identify you, it is best to do this by shredding the papers for safety reasons. If you have a two-story home, then choose to declutter from the top and work your way down. This is a systematic way to approach decluttering your home.

Let go

It isn’t easy letting go of items. However, ask yourself if you have used it in the last 12 months. If not, then it’s unlikely you will ever use it. If items have sentimental value, consider placing these in a memory box and store in your closet or under your bed.  

Don’t procrastinate 

There will never be a perfect time to declutter. Making the decision to declutter is the starting point; when you declutter will be based on the time and effort you put in. The process of decluttering is good for your mental and physical health, and having a living space which you can use and relax in will also be of benefit.

The above are just a few tips to on how to declutter your home effectively. Sticking with this method will ensure that you have a home that you can relax in, that is clutter-free and one which you can be proud of. Decluttering can take time, so giving the time will undoubtedly be beneficial.