There is nothing better than having a great outdoor time, especially when you are sure that you can use Smart Entry to see who is leaving or entering your compound. One of the best places to relax when outdoors is on a beautiful patio. 

It takes more than just setting up a few chairs, tables and hoping for the best to design a beautiful and straightforward patio. It involves creating an artistic vision and turning the idea into a reality.

For your first DIY patio project, ensure that you choose a vision and a unique and affordable pattern. Below is a guide on how to make a comfortable DIY paver patio area on a budget.

Outline Your DIY Paver Patio

In most cases, the paver patios often serve as an extension of the main house. To start, 

draft the paving pattern and get all the required materials. Different paver shapes can give you a different pattern if you want to play with your outdoor design.

Ensure that your patio area is big enough and allows enough space for people to walk around. Consider the location of your patio based on the sightlines from doors and windows. 

Excavate and Level Your Backyard

Dig out the patio area to your intended depth. Once all the sand is out, dump the gravel into a pit and use something heavy like an iron rake to distribute the edges. Ensure that you lay out the gravel evenly until you reach the desired depth.

Install the Pavers

After leveling the sand, the next step is to lay down the paver stones from the outer perimeter using the paver pattern you had designed. Layout the pavers on the ground and make sure they are all even. In case the pavers have different measurements, mark and cut out the extra part.

Keep the uniformly shaped pavers close together but leave out some space to avoid shifting of the pavers.

Add Sand Between the Pavers

Once you tape the pavers down, add sand to fill in between the pavers. Most builders use polymeric sand that acts as glue. Spread the sand over and brush it into the cracks between the pavers.

The most crucial part of this step is to ensure that you thoroughly brush off the sand and that it is between the pavers. Otherwise, it may stick onto the top parts of the paver. 

Water the Patio Area

Use a light spray to water the area for 15 to 30 seconds. You should then wait for a few minutes and confirm whether the sand has absorbed the water, then water it again. 

The final step is to let it dry so that you can enjoy your new Paver patio area later on.

Building a patio area using pavers can be quite a challenging task. Others may want to enjoy an outdoor setting’s beauty but find it hard to plan; you can use professional designers to help you with all your design and planning needs.