No matter where you live, there is always the possibility that someone could select your house to rob. It’s not a nice thought, but if you plan for it ahead of time, there’s a far lower likelihood of it occurring; making your house a deterrent is the best way to make it safe and secure. 

There are a variety of options open to you depending on your budget and where you are. Here are some terrific methods to safeguard your house so you can enjoy living there without worry.

Photo by Jilly Noble from Pexels

Make Your Doors Safe

Around one-third of all thieves find an entrance to a property via the home’s front door they have decided to target, so it makes sense to keep this entry point completely safe. Inspect your front door (and any other doors leading to the exterior of your house, since you may have more than one) to check that the hinges are secure and that the door is not hollow. Can someone reach their hand through a mail slot and remove a key or open the door? How durable are the frames? Would adding Secureview screens help to deter burglars? 

Another thing to think about is allowing yourself to see who is outside. A peephole, as well as a smart doorbell, might be handy. This kind of technology enables users to remotely view who is at their door and can even record footage just in case it’s needed later on. 

Install A Security System

No matter what size or whether or not you think there is a chance of someone breaking in, every house should have an alarm system installed. It’s an excellent deterrent, and if you have a security system, it’s doubtful that a thief would spend their time attempting to get into your home when there are many properties that don’t have such systems installed and are therefore an easier target. 

The kind of system you install will be determined by your budget and your location – if you live in a low crime area, for example, you may not need anything very big, but if you live somewhere with a high number of burglaries, you may want to consider something more powerful. Whatever you select, be sure that you inspect it on a regular basis and maintain it properly so that it doesn’t fail you when you need it the most.

Meet Your Neighbours

Make it your job to meet your neighbours, whether you’ve lived somewhere for a long time or you’ve just moved in. When you are friendly with the people who live nearby, you’ll see that you watch their property and they will look after yours. If someone witnesses anything weird happening, they are significantly more likely to intervene if they know and like you; friends always aid friends. 

Of course, you could be fortunate, and your neighbours might help you even if they don’t know you, but getting to know them is always a good idea. After all, having friends nearby is never a bad thing.