Hand’s up who hates vacuuming, yep me to and I try to avoid doing it especially in the school holidays.  But with 3 kids, a dog and a cat I just cannot avoid this tedious task.  So when Dyson got in contact with me to test drive the new upright vacuum cleaner I jumped on board.


So today I’m introducing the new Dyson DC50 to you all.  I like the fact that it is a compact and upright and very easy to use.  I have to say I was a bit sceptical at first at the fact that it had a cord, but after test driving it I now understand that to get that kind of suction power it cannot have a rechargeable battery.

The cord was long enough to manoeuvre around the house and didn’t get in the way like I thought it would.


So what is so different about this upright vacuum cleaner I hear you ask?

Well here are some fast facts about the DC50 that you might like to know.

  • It’s light to carry and can be stored in small places.
  • It has the performance of a full sized machine.
  • It rides on a ball which makes in easy to steer into difficult places.
  • It has a hygienic bin emptying system.
  • No extra costs as this upright does not use any bags.
  • It comes with an advanced self adjusting cleaner.
  • It has an instant release high reach wand.
  • Advanced self-adjusting motorised cleaner head with carbon fibre filaments.


So the test was to vacuum the living area and just see what kind of dirt and dust it could suck up.  I tell you I was really shocked.  This super duper upright had so much suction I was so surprised at the amount of dog hair, dirt and dust it sucked up.  It was so gross but I was glad that it was now no longer on the rug.


Retailing for $799.00 with free delivery and a 2 year guarantee you can purchase the DC50 here.


I might just get the kids to do the vacuuming these school holidays.  After all it’s a new toy in the household and I’m sure they won’t mind.  What do you think my chances are?