It’s my little boy’s birthday today.  Happy Birthday Archer, my youngest son who is full of life and keeps me very busy.  He announced he wanted a 007 birthday cake. ‘Oh god’ I thought to myself, without spending a fortune how was I going to do this?  So with a little creative thinking, I created a few different spins on the humble cake until I got it just right, after all, it’s all about the cake isn’t it?bday2_opt

I used the Donna Hay packet chocolate cakes.  Here it is iced using the Betty Crocker pre made icing.  A real cheat for time poor Mum’s.


I used two packets for this cake and stacked them on top of each other.


Here’s where I put my thinking cap on.  I went to the $2 shop and found items that resembled 007.   I sprayed the gun and coins in gold using spray paint and the Army man I sprayed black.  I found the Army man in the toy box at home.


I topped the cake with caramel popcorn.


The finished product.


And he loves it – phew!  Happy 6th Birthday Archer!  Have you made a birthday cake lately that required a little creative thinking?