When it comes to decorating your kid’s room, it can be a struggle to come to an agreement and meet in the middle in respect of what you both want. There’s no surprise there – people all have their own different views, wants and needs regardless of how old they are. Obviously the younger the better in terms of being able to do exactly what you want, but for those children that are a bit older (and headstrong), it can be a challenge.

However, there are some touches to a room that you can add in without having to ask permission – either for their own benefit or because you know that they will just love them regardless.


Chalk Paint

Encouraging a child’s creativity is something that should definitely be practised. What better way to do this than give them their own artistic patch that they can get to work on? Chalkboard paint is now cheaper and more accessible than ever, and painting up a patch of wall or cupboard will be able to provide that little bit of creative release that they need – especially as they start to get older. Being able to jot down things that they need to do, chores that they need to complete or just writing lovely messages on it for them to spot can be a great way to build up relationships.


This is more so for the benefit of the whole house rather than just their room, but making sure that they’re sleeping in one that is the right temperature for them is vital. It might be a plan to invest in ducted air conditioning to be able to keep the room at an optimum temperature. Whereas a thermostat can control the heating, ducted air conditioning can control both aspects of temperature and make it a better experience for the whole household.


Carpet or Wood

Making sure that there is comfort underfoot as well as style is something that should be of the utmost importance. Carpets can add a lot of luxury to a room that previously wasn’t there. Wood can do the same, and a hardwood floor is generally a lot easier to clean than laminate – plus it lasts a long time, too. Ensuring that you have something that is hardy, wearing and up to the abuse that kids give it (think spills, mud and everything else you can think of) can save you a lot of money in the long run. Investing in a carpet that has a scotchguard on it and is easily wiped may see you holding on to it a lot longer than you had originally envisioned.

Pictures and Decorations

You can get away with a lot of pictures that the both of you will love – especially if it’s photographs of family, friends and pets that you can put up. Children are vain to a respect, in that they won’t mind pictures of themselves being hung around the room, so this can be a great little project to measure how much they have grown and changed over the years with a specific place to put them.