Are you thinking about buying a new home, building from scratch, or remodeling your current home or the home you are buying? There are various styles to choose from, such as Victorian, French, or Modern. Modern-style homes have boomed in the housing economy, likely due to their versatility and clean, sleek look. 

Why Choose Modern? 

A home is an asset, so it’s important to keep in mind the possibility of selling your home in the future, even if it’s after you pass away! Choosing a modern home is going to increase your likelihood of selling it in the future, as it offers many options for the new owner to play with and restyle it to their liking. 

Characteristics of a Modern Home

As mentioned, modern homes tend to have a very clean and organized look. Their color palettes are simple, light, and natural. White walls, black, brown, or grey accents, with your personalized pops of color in decor. Modern homes make great use of wood, steel, glass and concrete in precise, geometrical and asymmetrical structures.

Unlike your Victorian home, which might be a pastel color on the outside with an A-frame roof, a modern home is going to be sleek from the inside out and offer artistic, sculptural appearances for the viewer. The roof tends to be flat and long, rather than tall and triangular. 

Also in opposition to a Victorian home, modern architecture leaves blank, simple lines without any ornamental detailing or “froo-froo.” This is the exact detail that gives modernism it’s unique appearance and fame.

You might also see tall, all-glass walls in modern architecture, as this is a very popular style. On the inside, stairwells and bathroom dividers might be made of all glass. This design contributes to the open-floor-plans of many modern homes and buildings, creating space for the occupants.

The greatest part about modern homes is the elimination of clutter. The carpentry is often designed in a way that hides your belongings behind the beauty of its design principles.

Getting Inspiration For Your Modern Designs

Modern architecture and design is no new concept. The trend began in the United States in the 1930s, and even that was inspired by similar styles around the world. One of the most well known modern designers is Frank Lloyd Wright, who believed in “organic architecture” and developed 1,000 structures with this principle.

The organic architecture ideals, according to PBS, are that form meets function, which explains the cabinetry work and open spaces of modern design. He also didn’t believe in physically manipulating his materials (steel, etc.), but instead preferred to just leave them as is. 

“Organic architecture is a reinterpretation of nature’s principles… which are more natural than nature itself.”

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Choosing the route of modern design is going to amplify your space and create a higher possibility of interest in the future!