I find when its the holidays, especially Christmas holidays that I am constantly moving, restyling and changing things around at my place.  It may be because I am home with the whole family and feeling relaxed.  I also have the time to visit stores, gather inspiration and move things around at home.


I am loving the picture / gallery wall at home.  Every time I walk down my hallway I stop and take a look.  I am constantly adding, restyling and changing things on it. I think this will be a constant project me for.


I am always moving things around on my desk.  I adore this free printable calendar from Cautiously Obsessed, you can print it here.


Moving cushions around from room to room to create a new look is fun.


I added some new prints to Archer’s wall.  I have some new things on their way from Etsy that I can’t wait to share with you all.  The Like A Boss ( which Archer is) is a free printable from Katrina Chambers blog.  Thanks so that Katrina.  You can also check out the fantastic boy bedroom makeovers to get you inspired.  You can download your Like a Boss copy here.


Archer loves all his Christmas present out on display too.


I freshened up my bedroom with sprinkles pillowcases and cushion.  A bit more of a summery feel.

Have you been restyling and moving things around at your place?