The week’s seem to be flying past don’t they?  My three kids have settled into their schools for the year.  I thought that with my littlest boy off to school that I would have so much time..  how wrong was I?  No sooner do you drop them off that it’s time to go and get them.  Here’s a bit about what’s been happening around here.  Some of the things I love and my week in pictures.


I love burning scented candles and having fresh flowers.  I burn candles daily and buy fresh flowers once a week.  It’ like a treat for myself and it keeps the house feeling fresh.


I picked up my prize from Keeki after winning 7 vignettes on Instagram.  I chose this gorgeous marble top side table with copper bottom.  I love it.  I can see lots of styling happening with this little table.



You can’t go wrong with pink, flowers and marble.  Just a few of my favourite things.  You can purchase the Adore book here.  This little vignette is one of my favourites.


Winter is almost upon us and Melbourne sure has had some cooler weather.  The other day the sun was out, and it was a great day to open up all the windows.


Getting the balance right… cupcakes and a green smoothie for lunch.


More gorgeous flowers on display in my Lovestar Vase.  This vase adds lots of colour to my white walls ( painted in Dulux Natural White).



Afternoon tea with a few of my favourite things.  You can see the recipe for these lemon bliss balls here.


At night we let the dog inside.  He loves to come in and sleep with us, he is so spoilt.  Another excuse to burn some decorative candles to keep the place smelling nice.

What’s your week been like?

I hope you’ve had a great one?