I have a real obsession with buying pillowcases.  I think it’s because they are fairly cheap and create an instant bedroom update.


I have put together a series of photos where I have mixed and matched pillowcases to create unique updated looks.  All this has been done with accessories and cushions I already have at home.  I also like to switch around my throws.

Keep the colour palette fairly the same and keep your accessories minimal for an effective look.

Tips on buying pillowcases would be to make sure they are universal.  Can you use them in your son’s room and then next time in your room.  Will the colours suit what accessories you have at home for example I have pink cushions will they match a green dotty pillow case?  Lastly will your cushions and throws tie the look together.

Stick to these rules and you will be able to mix and match and create new looks every time you change the sheets.


Some of my favourite places to buy pillowcases are;

I love Linen

Kip and Co

Rachel Castle N Things

Cotton On Kids


Complete your look with cushions and throws.

So next time you are after a change in your bedroom but don’t want to spend a fortune, have a look at updating your pillowcases.  Under $100 can create a whole new look.