My oldest son is 14.  A true teenager.  He likes to spend time in his bedroom, playing his PS3, skyping his mates and playing games on his IPAD.  His bedroom is always tidy (that’s probably because he does nothing but sit on the computer in there).  I have kept his bedroom styling simple and he likes it that way.



My daughter is 12.  A tween with a big heart and a love of all things girly.  She adores horses and her bedroom is a true reflection of that.  Lots of stationery, jewellery, bit and pieces, notes and photos, a tween girl has lots of stuff.


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I thought I’d share 5 great tips that will help you create of great tween/teen space that your kids will love.



1. Storage.  Storage is so important, I find that the older they get the more stuff they have.  Ikea is a great place to start for boxes and storage ideas.


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2. Linen.  Choose linen that is a reflection of them.  Not too babyish but also a bit more grown up.  There are so many places that stock great linen.



3. Interests.  My daughters room has a feature wall of horse wallpaper.  Its from The Wall Sticker Company.  It’s such a reflection of who she is without going over the top.  Teen’s love anything to do with computers, IPAD’s technology, TYPO is a great place for knickknacks.


4. Study Area.  As they get older especially for secondary school kids, the need for quiet study time and some personal space becomes very important.  Both of my older kids have desk/study areas in their rooms that they use when they use for homework.


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5. Personalize.  Let your tween or teen personalise their own space with their input.  After all it is their space.  My daughter’s loves of horses extends to buying soft toys.  She loves to display them on her bed.  This is how she has personalised her bedroom without it being to over the top.



I hope these tips have helped you out if you have tweens or teens in the house.