With Winter around the corner, it’s now time to start to thinking about ways to warm up your bedroom. There is nothing quite like getting into a warm cozy bed when it’s cold and wet outside, so here are a few steps that you can use to get your bedroom Winter ready.

Swap Out Your Sheets

If you wrap yourself in cotton percale or linen sheets most of the year then consider swapping them out for a warmer option during the coldest months. To build a warmer bed, have you thought about Jersey cotton sheets. Jersey sheets are made from a super soft fabric made from 100% jersey cotton and its bedding has a stretchy structure that moves with your body, while hugging the mattress. They will keep you warm all night and are ultra soft to touch.

Layer Your Bed

A final touch every winter bed needs is a throw blanket you can cuddle up with on the coldest nights. You can spread the blanket out over the bed or leave it draped on the bottom, its a great way to add layer and warmth. Since it will be the top layer of your bed, make sure you choose and design and fabric that you love and that will compliment your design and style. 

A great idea is adding a plush mink blanket for that winter warmth sleep we all love.

Add Warmth With a Quilt

Jersey Cotton is ultra-soft and by adding a quilt cover in this beautiful fabric it will have you tucked in for a warm and luxurious night sleep this Winter! Try matching sheets and pillow cases in this fabric to give your bed the ultimate Winter makeover. A Jersey quilt cover will give your bed a soft, cozy layer that is also stylish.

Use an Electric Blanket

Have you thought about using an electric blanket? Even after you add more blankets to your bed, it’s still going to be cold at first. An electric blanket will take the chill off the bed, going unnoticed and won’t cramp your style. There are hundreds on the market, so do your research and stop getting into a cold bed at night this Winter.

Bedroom Check

So now you’ve got a few ideas on making your bedroom Winter ready, here is simple bedroom checklist to help get you started.

  • Check for drafts in the windows and door.
  • Swap out your sheets.
  • Add warmth with a quilt.
  • Use an electric blanket.