While there are millions upon millions of trustworthy tradesmen worldwide willing to give an honest day’s work and applied expertise in return for fair pay, there are unfortunately a few who poison the water a little. Incompetent, unethical or downright criminal traders do exist, and they can often be found no matter where you live nor where your business is situated. Of course, while learning to vet rogue traders can be an essential part of beginning your construction effort well, sometimes, they will slip through the net and become involved with your project.

This can be an upsetting thing, because when planning a home extension, you have likely saved up plenty of money and planning time for your beautiful home renovation. You are likely very excited for it. Not only this, but the extension might be necessary for your family home, and thus have a deadline of completion very important to you. Through shoddy work, overpayment and underdelivery, or simply completing the job terribly and then vanishing, it can often be that rogue traders can target you and cause a real dent in your general levels of trust.

Here’s where to start if you count yourself among those affected:

Report The Instance

There are several trading standards bureaus that operate in accordance with construction law to find rogue traders and have them shut down. Reporting them immediately to the trading standards equivalent in your country can have your case handled, them blacklisted, and potentially give them the means to prevent other people from being ripped off. A complaint through this process might also help you find contact information if for your fair use alongside:

Construction Law Firms

Construction lawyers have seen it all. From domestic to industrial building disputes, from small planning issues to huge multi-million dollar valued arguments, they are certainly available to help you with this case. Be sure to bring all evidence of payments, all written communication, and all the agreements you had in place with the rogue trader and bring them to the office. They will also help you communicate with the trading standards of your country and ensure that you find the best deal possible. Sometimes, without any evidence of the deal or pre-arranged quotes, they will struggle to help you, so be sure to document everything no matter what, and provide before and after pictures of the work you are unhappy with. It will make all the difference.

Have The Work Remedied

Sometimes, the thrown-together work of the rogue traders might pose a real health risk to you and your family. This is why it’s essential for this to be checked by professionals, and potentially for any work to be rectified. This can help you having to move out for a spell, or could limit the damage that might be caused by weather or other incomplete exposure to the elements. Be sure to have the work remedied as soon as possible. It could prevent an even costlier issue down the line, and with evidence of this necessary repair work and a second pair of professional eyes, your case may become stronger.

With these tips, fixing the damage dealt by rogue traders should help you move forward with your construction efforts.