Most of you that read along to this blog have some interest in home decorating, right?.  Now I know that you sometimes get the urge to redecorate but just don’t have the funds to do so, well that’s me anyway.  Did you know that you can get a new look at your place and it doesn’t have to cost the earth?  Budget decoration and tips for getting a new look at your home are easy and redecorating without spending a cent is simple.  Here are my top 5 tips. styling3_opt

Just have a look at what you already have around you.  Sometimes it just takes a few small ideas and some inspiration and you will have the ability to get a new look.

1. Start with going out into the garden.  Just pick some greenery, a flower or plant that you love and put it in a vase.  Here I have used some geranium leaves.  They have stayed green for weeks now and I love the way they hang down out of the pot.


2.  Move your cushions around.  Even if you only have a few.  Move the cushions from your lounge to your bedroom and vice versa.  Every time I make my bed I create a new look from what I already own.  Mix patterns and colours you love and mix up and layer your throws.


3.  Cluster objects in colours.  Look around your home and see if you have items of the same colour or even the same tone.  Cluster small amounts together to create interest on your mantel or sideboard like I have done.  Empty jars, candles, vases with flowers work well in clusters.


4. Create a mood board at your work area.  Not only will this keep you inspired but it won’t cost a thing.  Cut out magazine quotes and pictures, keep strings and tags you love and collect pretty business cards.  Change your mood board around so you have a new style to inspire you constantly.


5. Mix and match your pillowcases.  Next time you are changing the sheets, think outside the square and use different pillowcases.  I have lots of pillowcases that can used in my daughters, sons and the master bedroom.  That way you create a new look every time you make the bed.  Change the items on the bedside table and you have created a fun new no cost room.

I hope these simple ideas have inspired you.  Give them a try and let me know how you go.