If you have a stylish personality and vibe, it is natural to want it to reflect in your home. Fortunately, you can take certain measures to ensure that your decor speaks volumes about your sense of style. Statistics indicate that Australians spend an average of $40,000 to $300,000 on home renovations that include restyling the interiors. So, whether you have already bought a home or are yet to build one, you can pick some ideas here to infuse glamour into your interiors.

  1. Make effective use of balance

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Balance in interior design primarily deals with visual equilibrium and not necessarily the actual weight of items used in the home. Balance brings your home’s style into focus while creating a statement space and maintaining simplicity. Indeed, glamour is not entirely about the boldness of your interior décor. Instead, the highlighting of statement pieces creates harmony and brings everything else into order. To get your interior balance right, it would be worthwhile to focus on specific elements in every space in your interiors. 

For instance, in your use of mirrors, you will find it purposeful to use those of the same outlook and cut. Therefore, when using wall mirrors on both sides of a couch or table in the living room, it helps to position them in a way that places attention on the main focus (couch or table). If you’re using lampstands, getting a double of the same design works just fine. In essence, while creating balance, remember to keep things in equilibrium. If you’re considering a luxury home design, balancing the style may not be much of a worry, especially as it’s usually already infused into the overall plan.

  1. Stick with shapes

You have the option to use shapes to infuse glamour into your home’s interiors. However, you may need to pay attention to the types you use. For example, using too many square shapes might make your interiors appear too boxed up. To avoid committing this style faux-pas, mixing the shapes is a better idea. Therefore, you can mix squares and circles to create a blend of angular and round appeals in the home’s interiors.

For instance, if your decorative wall mirrors are rectangular, you can opt for rectangular ceiling light fixtures to help bounce lights to the rest of the space. Meanwhile, for your flooring, opting for a round rug or carpet adds an appealing contrast to the room. Admittedly, you may need a trained eye to create these glamour effects.

Fortunately, you can find other options on the internet. However, if you intend to do it yourself, remember to be guided by some basic interior décor rules. This includes using a mixture of shapes to create a positive interior appeal and to draw interest in the overall look.

  1. Make use of natural and artificial shine elements

Image CreditShine is an intricate element in glamour design. The appropriate use of it can make all the difference between spectacular and extravagant. Natural shine elements include clear windows that allow daylight to flow into the space. Meanwhile, artificial options include crystals, glossy metals and glass. These three materials can bounce off the least light to create an alluring interior. Indeed, anything with a polished finish can create enough shine to infuse glamour into your interiors.