SEO is the heart of digital marketing. You can use social and emails, but there is no ignoring billions of search engine users. This is the reason why almost every business invests in it even though it takes about six months to start to show results. It is after this time that you can tell if the investment was worth it. 

Here I have shared a few tips to ensure you get your investment’s worth by getting maximum out of your SEO efforts. 

Improve Existing Content

You might already have a lot of content on your website. Before you write new articles, see which of the old blogs are performing well. Analyze what has helped them rank and use that technique to optimize the content that is not performing well. 

All leading digital marketers update their existing content to get and maintain better rankings. You also need to apply the same strategy. It’s not going to cost a lot and has plenty of benefits to offer. 

Add Proper Internal Links

If you have a high bounce rate, proper internal linking is a great way to reduce it. This increases traffic on all pages of your website and also helps improve search engine ranking. 

Internal links are considered one of the many ranking factors of Google. It also helps the user find relevant and valuable information. Just make sure you plan those links and don’t just randomly add them. 

Look for Competitor’s Weakness

If you want to beat your competition, you must find at least a few of their weaknesses. There might be stronger and older businesses in the industry, but everyone makes mistakes. 

One thing you should note is the list of underperforming pages. You should analyze one competitor’s website at a time and find out which of their pages are not doing well. You are more likely to outrank those pages. However, you will need a professional SEO company Australia for rigorous competition analysis. 

Remove All Broken Links

An underestimated part of SEO is removing backlinks. We are so keen on building new links that forget old toxic links that could be damaging the website’s credibility. 

There are plenty of tools to check and remove broken links from your website. If you have toxic sites linking to your pages, you should disavow them right away. 

Rank for Featured Snippets

Featured snippets have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Even if you are not ranked in the top position, Google might take a part of your page and precisely answers the user query and show it at rank 0. 

A good percentage of traffic goes to the featured snippet and they also answer all the voice search queries. You have to optimize your pages with schema markup for it to work. 

Build Linkable Assets

Any piece of quality content that people are likely to share is a linkable asset. Infographics are considered linkable assets because they are most likely to get shared. 

When someone shares your content, they have to provide the source with a link. This means you get free backlinks.