Depending on where you live, the safety requirements of your home might differ. If you’re in an area that’s exposed to harsh weather elements, you might need to start looking at your place as both a home and a shelter. Thanks to our modern and generally safe lifestyles, it can be easy to forget that a ‘house’ in its original form was a shelter, that kept us dry, warm, safe and shielded from the weather.

It might pay to improve the survivability of your home in this way, too. Improving security solutions in preparation for if the worst was to happen or by ensuring that you’re covered for potential future power cuts, you might find that smart investing in your home’s ‘shelter factor,’ is a great idea. This will also protect you from those entering your property with bad intentions.

Here are but a few of the items to implement in order to keep your family safe and sound.



Improving, or increasing the locks around your property is a great way to improve the security, and prevents trespassers or thieves getting access to places they shouldn’t. The original design of a key lock hasn’t changed that much since the 19th century when it was invented. With the right know-how, they’re actually relatively easy to pick and gain access from. Lockpick sets are available cheaply through retailers like Amazon. Maybe it’s time to reassess how tight you keep your property secure when you’re not there or sleeping.


Improving the locks on your front or back doors, such as ‘sliding locks’ at the top and bottom will prevent even the most adept lockpicker from getting through your entrances. Placing these on windows will do the same. It’s always wise to have multiple locks on doorways that you’d rather not have broken into, and this includes sheds and garages.


A CCTV system, clearly visible will discourage trespassers, thieves and people with negative intent from even approaching your property. Make sure it covers all the major walkways to and from your house, and if you can, cover the garden. Have this system record onto a digital archive that you can refer to if you notice something out of place. CCTV systems are relatively inexpensive for the value you’ll get out of them.



If the power goes out, or a particularly trying weather condition is interfering with the power grid, having a diesel generator can come in immensely useful. There’ll be no need to walk around your property with candles because you’ll have a ready-made solution to hand. Possessing a generating electrical supply will help you in innumerable ways. Just be sure you have enough diesel to hand to fuel it for your ideal timeframe.



Nothing can protect a property quite like a large dog. Making sure it’s a domesticated, family friendly dog first is important, but it’s also important to encourage them to have a loud bark and protective nature over the members of the family. There is nothing that makes a prospective thief run faster than an angry dog. Just be sure it’s friendly to the general public and the postman. You can train the attitudes you’d like to see in your dog via any certified dog trainer in your area.


With these contingencies in place, you can be sure that your property will be a mighty shelter to call home.