As we all know 2020 would have to go down as one of the worst years on record. We all had to transform the way we lived because of a once in lifetime pandemic. On line schooling and working from home became the norm and as well as being locked down in your home. As this happened throughout out the world we all started to view how we live at home very differently. We all became aware of how surrounding ourselves with stylish pieces and products somehow made our lockdown life easier.

Transforming your work space from dab to fab became very important for us all even in 2021 as most of us are still working or studying from home. Creating a calming enjoyable space can make working from home far more exciting and by adding simple pieces to your office you can create a look you’d love to work in.

I’ve chosen some gorgeous pieces that can add style and make your working from home area more productive. I have collaborated with eBay to show you how easy it is to select key pieces. It’s quite easy to have a stylish work space to make you feel on trend and wanting to be in your work space for longer.

I love to burn a beautifully scented candle, and this Diptyque Roses candle adds a lovely fragrance to my work space, not to mention it looks beautiful too.

Adding artwork that transforms you to another place is a must. I love any scenery that takes me to a place that makes me feel like I am on holidays. Artwork that takes you to your happy place is a must in your work space.

Add a cute ceramic vessel so you can add any floral arrangement you like. I love this vase with the bamboo lines to add texture to my work space. Adding different pieces of home decor can really change your space.

Pampas grass is very on trend, it will add some height and interest to work space. By adding different floral arrangements you can really add any textures and colour you like.

This beautiful ceramic vessel is also a perfect piece to add your favourite bunch of flowers or even something foraged from you garden.

I also purchased a large white desk. It has so much storage with a set of three drawers to store away all the messy stuff and also a large work area so you don’t feel to cluttered. Add a gorgeous storage basket which doubles as a rubbish bin or added storage and you are on your way to working in a calming, stylish office space.

All the products were very affordable. I purchased all products through eBay and was gifted each item.