Summer is in full swing and if you are lucky enough to own a pool I’m sure you will be using it everyday.

Above is a picture of my pool.  Can you see Olivia in the window?


I adore this pool window, it looks fantastic.


These kids must love this pool window.


A cute Summer setting by the pool.


This is my pool at night.  We watched the tennis poolside as it was still in the high 30’s at midnight.  It was really to hot to do anything.


Isn’t this pool so gorgeous with its lovely bush surrounds?

All images watermarked are my own. All other images from my Pinterest boards here.

Pool Maintenance 

With any luxury pool comes the necessity to carry out some basic pool maintenance from time-to-time. This will mean cleaning your pool using a pool vacuum on the floors and tile cleaner at the waterline. 

Adding the right amount of product to your pool will ensure the water stays clean and safe to swim in. 

Every now and again, you may need to give your pool a coat of AquaSheen Epoxy Pool Paint

Stay cool this Summer.