Summer is a fantastically sociable time with many opportunities to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle; from alfresco dining to stargazing or cuddling up in a snug corner of your garden to watch your favourite boxset on Netflix.  Summer is a great time to be alive, and one of the best ways to embrace the summer sizzle is to start swimming.

Swimming in an outdoor pool is a great way to cool off, keep fit and relax after a tough day – yet, what’s even better than swimming in an outdoor pool is swimming in your own outdoor pool.


Having an outdoor pool in your own back garden not only encourages you to keep fit, but it also encourages your family to be active, as rather than sitting around playing computer games it’s much better to be running around the swimming pool – whether that’s playing water polo or simply wrestling with inflatable sharks… these are all activities to help keep your kids active whilst having fun – plus, an outdoor pool is a great social meeting place; meaning, you don’t need to keep spending loads of money on days out, when many kids are happy to invite a few friends around to enjoy the swimming pool on a hot day.

There are clearly many benefits to having your own swimming pool, yet the financial and logistical implications of installing an outdoor pool put many people off.  This article therefore simplifies the process into three easy to manage steps.

With regard to financing your pool, there are some specific swimming pool loan providers that finance this purchase.  The key consideration when it comes to splurging on a pool is to remember that a swimming pool adds value to your home and is an investment.  After all, many people looking for their dream home would be drawn in by the lure of an outdoor swimming pool.

Here’s a brief step-by-step guide to installing your own pool:



The first factor to consider is size; this will be naturally constrained by how large your garden is, and the next factor to consider is depth which might also be constrained if you have children that will be using the swimming pool.



In order to build a swimming pool you’ll almost certainly need to gain permission from the local authorities.  Make sure you have this before undertaking any work, as it’s there for your protection (i.e. you don’t want to dig through a gas main or water pipe).



The first step is to dig a huge hole!  This sounds relatively simple, and it is pretty simple presuming you have the right equipment, as it’s certainly not something to tackle by hand.

You’ll then need to flatten the ground, as this will make building the walls and floor easier to lay and ensure you aren’t walking on a bumpy swimming pool floor.

The next step is to call in the professionals, in particular an electrician or a plumber such as JH Fox Plumbers to install the electrics required to power the pump and lights.  It’s not worth attempting to DIY this aspect as the combination of electricity and water is clearly dangerous and not worth the risk.

The next step is to coat the floor and tile the walls, then, to fill the pool with fresh water along with a suitable bacterial agent.