Your kitchen is probably one of the busiest rooms in your household. As well as cooking three meals a day there, it is often the most social area of the house too. If you’re looking to streamline the day to day maintenance of your kitchen at home, here are some super simple ideas to try when you get the chance.

Image from Pexels – CC0 Licence

Keep Your Drain Clear

Is there anything more irritating than having a blocked kitchen drain just when you have a tonne of washing up to do? Over time grease and grime from your pans and plates can build up in your drain and cause the water to back up into your plug home. The next time you experience this type of blockage, you may want to try something like easy off drain. The bad odors will disappear and your water will run freely down the drain as soon as you have used the product. Instead of waiting for a blockage to occur you can also use this type of product to maintain a clear drain as well. Using it little and often will keep your water flowing so those pesky build ups don’t bother you anymore.

Have a Refill Hour

There is nothing more satisfying than refilling all of your pasta jars, biscuit tins and laundry detergent bottles. If you use refillable products on a regular basis, this type of “refill hour” is the perfect addition to your day to day maintenance routine.

Clean as You Go

Cleaning your kitchen as you go is one of the easiest ways to stay on top of maintenance. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming when there is a lot to do in the kitchen, so why not clean up as you cook? This means that there is less mess to deal with so that you never have a long to-do list in the busiest room in your home.

Food Prep For the Week

Getting busy in the kitchen every Sunday is one of the most effective ways to prepare for the week and feel prepared. When you do an hour or two of batch cooking, you will feel so much more confident for the week ahead. Whether you need to make lunches to take on the go at work, or you prefer to have all of your evening meals prepped and ready to go, there are so many advantages to having a food prep session once a week. As well as organizing your meals you can also do things like chop up your vegetables and fruits so that you don’t have to do it during the busy working week.

Keeping your kitchen clean and tidy will always be an ongoing task for you to take care of, but these ideas will make everything seem much easier. Staying on top of your kitchen tasks and being ahead of the game will ultimately help you to restore calm in your household and create more order in one of the busiest rooms in your home.