Unexpected colour can transform your room from boring to having the ‘ wow ‘ factor.  Whether it’s in the decor, wall colour, or bookshelf.  Today I will give you a few easy and surprising ways to add colour to your home.


Start with the basics, look around at what you have in the pantry.  Lemons look great in a bowl on your kitchen bench.  Yellow is such a happy colour and what a better way then to display them in a pretty bowl or on a plate.


Add some colour to your workspace.  Add a colourful wire basket for fun and add colour to your mood board to really liven up your office.


Cushions can add texture, interest and of course colour.  I don’t even match my colours on this couch.  With it’s neutral base, the colours really pop and work together and when there is nothing else competing with them it just works.


Inexpensive artwork is all the rage at the moment but have you thought about framing your tea towels.  I framed these limited edition tea towels and then used those colours to decorate the rest of the room in the form of throws and cushions.  Tea towel art is inexpensive and fun.


Add colour in the form of pots, flowers and indoor plants.  I adore having flowers at home and I keep lots of funky containers and pots so I can change the look around when it suits.

I hope these fun, easy ideas have helped you feel a little bit more confident in adding some colour to your homes.  Let me know how you go?

Marble Canister
Pink Wire Basket / Fur Throw / Pin Board
Tea Towel Artwork
Pots / Marble canister