The Miele Experience Centre

Most of your already know how much I love my Miele ovens and microwave set up in my kitchen.  I often get lots of questions when I post a […]

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The Ultimate Kitchen Makeover Cheat Sheet

You probably already know that your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Not only is it one of the rooms that is used to […]

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Sustainable Kitchen Designs

Sustainable Kitchen Designs

What is the most important function when it comes to your kitchen? From the design to the location, size and accessibility, there are a range of factors […]

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Best Surfaces for Kitchen Benches

Are you building a new home and thinking about which surface to use for your new kitchen bench? Or are you currently remodeling your dated kitchen and in need […]

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Top 10 Kitchen’s I love

After cleaning up my kitchen ( we have a long weekend here in Melbourne and I’ve made so many meals – ahhhhh), I wondered what sort of kitchen I […]