My Week in Pictures

It’s school holidays here and we have done the usual movies, visiting Chadstone Shopping Centre, lots of hot chocolates and lunches as well a trip to the indoor pool […]

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Things I Love

What a week it’s been!  Again I’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to the most beautiful homewares and products.  Winter has finally come to Melbourne and it’s getting […]

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My Week In Pictures

It’s been busy around here with the kids, working, after school activities and there is always something on on the weekends.  The weather has been amazing so that has […]

Autumn’s here

It seems like over night the seasons change.  Well in Melbourne that’s the case.  Once Easter is here the weather cools off and the nights are fresh with the […]

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Our Family holiday to Noosa QLD

I’ve been a little bit absent from the blog in the last week because my hubby and I took our little family on a lovely holiday.  Our family holiday […]

My Week In Pictures

As I write this post it’s actually the last day of Summer.  Wow, where did that time go?  I have to say though,  I do love Autumn. It’s probably […]

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A Day in the Life…

A lot of people ask me ‘So what does a blogger’s day involve’?  ‘What does a Product Stylist/Social Media Influencer do?  Well today I thought I’d share a day […]

Things I Love

Did I tell you this is my favourite segment on the blog?

I love so many things and I also love to share them with you all.  It kind of […]