There are so many benefits of having linen on your bed but a lot of people shy away. This is due to cost, thinking you have to iron it, and worrying that it looks wrinkled and unstylish. I could go on, but today I am going to share the benefits of linen for your bed because, quite frankly I love it.

Firstly lets talk about the fact that it doesn’t need ironing. Unlike linen clothing, linen sheets and quilt covers don’t require painstaking ironing that we all hate. Yes there are wrinkles in the linen, that is the nature of the fabric but I personally love the look of bed linen that hasn’t been pressed at all. To save the creases you can fold the linen immediately after it comes off the clothes line or alternatively you can make your bed straight away. Of course if you do like that fresh ironed look, they are easy to iron too.

Linen for your bed is easy to style with. It really is a matter of throwing the quilt cover on the bed, arrange the pillows the way you like them and then you are done. No need for a stylist. Linen doesn’t have to be overly neat and tidy to look great on the bed. Add some cushions and a throw and voila, you have a perfectly styled bed, just like the ones you see in those glossy home magazines.

Linen gets better with each wash. Due to its unique properties, it gets softer over time. Now who doesn’t love soft clean sheets on their bed. Linen is also temperature regulating so it’s perfect for Summer or Winter, therefore making that initial investment even more worthwhile. Linen is also hypo-allergenic which makes linen sheets a wonderful option for those with skin disorders or sensitivities.

If you are after a great nights sleep then invest in good quality linen. Pure linen bedding comes in a variety of options for your bed. There are flat sheets, fitted sheets, quilt covers and pillow cases. Did you also know that linen is designed to wick away moisture, allowing your skin to breathe as you sleep? I never knew this either but it is another great benefit to why you should buy linen.

So why not take the plunge and invest in some beautiful linen so you can enjoy the benefits of a stylish bedroom and a great nights sleep.

Images styled and photographed by The Stylist Splash
Linen kindly gifted by Linen Me