With the ongoing pandemic, we have gotten used to the new way of life, which revolves around social distancing and remote working. That said, we have also gotten used to new ways of socializing and partying. We are talking about virtual partying and meeting through Zoom and FaceTime.

With a few swipes and clicks, we get connected with our friends and family. If the pandemic has taught us anything, you can put technology to effective use to celebrate special events with your loved ones. In other words, there are no more delimitations when it comes to throwing virtual parties and inviting your loved ones to party along with you.

Nonetheless, as simple as it sounds, showing up to someone’s Zoom party in your PJs is not a pleasant and vibrant sight to see. We believe that Zoom parties should be seen as excellent opportunities to dress up and show off your awesome two piece sets.

Understandably, the background of your room won’t reflect the perfect backdrop of the fun disco vibe (however, this can be transformed with a few décor additions); you can, with the right dress-up, show up to the parties as a VIP guest.

Besides the dressing, you can transform your space into the perfect dance floor with a colourful LED display. Your fridge might already be filled with a variety of bottle services. Next comes the question of what to wear for the virtual rave party. No worries, we have you all covered here. Grab your prom dresses or ties; here are three ways to make your Zoom virtual parties feel vibrant.  

Plan a Fun Group Activity

Understandably, a simple chat and FaceTime invitation will never sound and look fun and interesting. Instead, it will feel like a regular dreaded work/school-related meeting with colleagues and fellow students. You have to change the mood, and the best way to do so is by planning a fun group activity that everyone will enjoy.

For instance, you could invite a story-yeller, fortune predictor, or a magician to the virtual meeting. This way, all participants will be genuinely interested in being part of the virtual party. Nonetheless, your options aren’t limited to inviting guest entertainers. You can also arrange an adventurous virtual game night.

You could play truth and dare or ask the virtual party participants to come up with their best version of stand-up-comedies. They could also prepare a fun presentation and give each other titles. If you want to relax and feel good with your peers, you can include yoga and spa sessions. The bottom line is that group activities make the participants more enthusiastic while also setting the party’s theme.

Distribute Some Fun Stuff Amongst Participants

If you want to ensure the presence of the participants, you can entice them by sending the sun stuff, such as mini tokens, reminders, hand-made cards, beer cups, candles, etc., beforehand. The underlying reason for sending small physical goodies to your guests is that they will be legitimately excited to be getting something in advance.

Suppose you are planning a virtual cocktail party with your friends and have invited some mixologists to be part of the fun night. You can send some cute cocktail cups to all guests. Another example for a synced movie night would be to send them popcorn and sodas in advance before the start of the movie.

If it is a virtual birthday party, we recommend sending your guests some party hats and balloons. Whatever the occasion is, there are always various goodies options to send to your guests and make the virtual party feel more vibrant.

Create A Fun & Aesthetically Pleasing Background

If you are looking for a creative way to rave up the virtual party, we recommend working on your background that will be visible to your guests. At real-life parties, we get super-obsessed with getting the perfect outfits. For instance, at a real-life Halloween party, we would be consumed with getting our hands on the best costumes and cosplay items.

The thing about virtual parties is that we can do loads of things to make our backgrounds fun, inspiring, and interesting. For extra festiveness, you can add balloons, banners, and colourful tapes on the wall, thus changing your background into the perfect party theme.

You can also check out your online stores and find the perfect, aesthetically pleasing décor to get the party mood on. Suppose you are inviting your significant other on a virtual date. You can set up the background while making it match your all-time favourite restaurant.

If it is a group party, you may encourage all participants to make their background festive by sending them ideas. You could also run a competition and see who comes with the best and most aesthetically pleasing background.