When you’re ready to move, it’s all you can think about. Those four walls are feeling more cramped than ever and you can’t wait to make a fresh start somewhere else. The problem is that a lot of property options just look too similar and for your budget, you find yourself encountering the same size rooms and the same issues with space.

It might just be time to change up your options a little and take a step into the unknown by designing your own home. This might seem like a huge risk and an idea that’s never occured to you before but take a look at three good reasons why designing your own home might just be your best idea yet.

It’s Not as Expensive as You Think

In fact it offers, arguably, better value for money. Even on a more limited budget, the fact that you have total control over the layout means you can think creatively over how that space is arranged and laid out in a style that better suits your needs.

While the upfront costs may end up a little more than buying a house from an agent, you also have the benefit of knowing that your resale price is probably greater should you need to sell it on.

It’s Unique

The problem with houses on the market is that they are all rather uniform. It’s unusual to find a property that ticks all the boxes you need. You’ll find large bedrooms but a small kitchen, a garden but small living room. These choices are made even more narrow when you’re on a set budget or forced to look in one particular area, thanks to work or schools for example.

Building your own can answer all these challenges, giving you the kitchen space you need alongside bedrooms that are just right and a living space that suits all the family.

It’s More Straightforward Than You Think

It comes down to who you work with. Take a look at luxury homes by Nav Homes for example and you’ll see why it’s important to work with a company that offers the whole package.

You want to engage an architect and builder who shares your vision and respects the decisions you make.You also want a team on board who can help you cut through the red tape and answer all the zoning laws and make the process easier.

Allow your imagination to soar and start dreaming about what your dream home would look like, all the features that would make it unique to you and all those little touches that would add a level of comfort and ease to your life.

Then why not start doing a little research and see if you can’t just turn that vision into a reality. Get some quotes, start some conversations and find out if you’re willing to take your visions and turn them into bricks and mortar.

You’d be surprised how much more straightforward it is to make this happen so get that sketchpad out and dream big.