Hello lovely,
it’s Tiffany, the proud mama of The Chic Element, an Australian on line store which brings together a range of delightful decor items, perfect for the women who is looking to add a touch of subtle chic to her space.
I share my life with my husband of 13 years, our three boys and two Shar-Peis.  TCE has become my little space, my girly space where I get to relish over and share pretty things.
I believe in love, beauty, laughter, I am obsessed with peonies and I love the colour pink.   I am so delighted to guest post on The Stylist Splash.  For this post I would like to share my favourite finds with you.
I hope you like them too.  Sending you all glitter and hugs.
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Thanks so much for sharing your favourite finds Tiffany.  I am especially in love with No. 5.  it’s so cute.  We certainly have some things in common like our love of pink and anything that sparkles.

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