Hands up if your filing system is either non existent or is just a pile of papers sitting in an intray (or in the kitchen drawer) waiting to be filed?

We are all guilty of this at times, life is super busy and we often put off simple tasks like filing to another day.   It’s only when we need these documents that it all becomes a problem.

There are a few simple tips to follow, but keeping good records isn’t just about being tidy and well organised. Proper storage of important documents makes it easier for you to meet your legal obligations, manage the family cash flow and reduce all that stress at tax time.


Start Simple and Get Colourful

Losing crucial legal and important documents can be an absolute nightmare if you need them in the future. Start off by using a simple filing system for your documents. Use colour to brighten up this dreary job. You could even colour coordinate your simple filing system so each colour represents different subjects.


Don’t Skrimp When It Comes To Filing

Invest in a good quality filing system or cabinetry.  This is my work/home office above and I invested in white boxes on my shelves for all my filing needs.  They are sturdy and strong enough to hold all my documents and easily available when I need them.



Keep Important Papers Where You’ll Know They’ll Be Safe

Family records can be consumed in a house fire or irretrievably damaged in a flood. They might be stolen during a burglary for the purpose of identity theft.  How devastating and terribly difficult could this make things in the future? This is why it is important to invest on a quality safe to ensure that these important documents are stored securely. If you are on a budget, you can check out companies such as City Safes that offer new and reconditioned safes for both residential and commercial use.  They also provide services such as delivery, installation and security equipment repairs.

Keeping your money, jewellery and documents in a safe will take all the worry out of trying to find them and will make sure you can easily get a hold of them when you need them.



Make Filing A Habit

Just like we try to make exercise a habit, it’s a great idea to get into the habit of filing.  This doesn’t have to be a daily chore. Perhaps once a week when you do your banking, you could also do your filing.  That way the task won’t be overwhelming and it won’t get out of hand.

So what are you all waiting for? You could make a start with these tips this weekend!


This post was supported by City Safes.