Keeping your house tidy and organised doesn’t have to be a huge task.  Just by doing these daily steps it will put you on your way to keeping your house looking organised and in order. We have 5 people in our family (2 are teens) and believe me it can be a challenge to clean up.  I find if everyone pitches in with just a small job, this all helps the house staying organised.


Keep Your Areas Clutter Free

Quite simply, keep your areas clutter free by putting your things away.  If you have finished with an item, put it away where it’s supposed to go, not on the kitchen bench or your office desk.  Find the items home and put it away, straight away.


Make Your Bed Everyday

Not a huge task, but the feeling of walking in your home at the end of a busy day and seeing the beds made will make you feel so much better.  Just a quick shake of the donna and chuck the pillows and cushions on the bed, it doesn’t take long but will make your home look tidy.


Do A Quick Tidy Up Everyday

I do this everyday before I walk out the door.  I put away dishes, stack the dishwasher and just do a general tidy up.  Clear the kitchen bench and get everyones stuff sorted.  It will make so much of a difference.  Cleaning up everyday will keep your house organised.


Use Baskets To Hide Your Clutter

It makes sense but keep by keeping a few baskets around the house you can clear your clutter quickly.  I use baskets for toys, magazines, even shoes at the back door.  Everything has a home and baskets are a great way to store lots of different items in your home.


Make These Steps A Daily Habit

It really does make sense to clean up everyday.  It will make you feel less cluttered and have clear mind, ready for the day ahead.  Make these steps a daily habit so you will never ever again feel overwhelmed with an untidy, unorganised house.

After all, who wants to spend all their time doing housework!