Having a clean and organised home allows you to enjoy your property to its full potential. But when you have a busy lifestyle, you might find things accumulating over time. Drawers can start to become filled with clutter, and little piles of things that you’re going to ‘put away later’ can form in areas of the home. Once you find that happening it’s well worth having a declutter and deep clean so you can get things up to scratch again. Along with it just feeling better and nicer to spend time in, there are a number of surprising benefits to keeping a clean and organised home too.


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You’ll Be More Productive

A tidy room really does equal a tidy mind. When everything is in its place, it allows you to focus on whatever task you’re doing without distractions from your surroundings. When you can easily access everything you need (and know where everything is) you’ll get things done much more quickly and efficiently. Particularly useful if you work from home, but something everyone can benefit from.



The Space Will Look Bigger

Without accumulated clutter and mess, your home will look more open and spacious. If you only have small rooms this is especially important, as you’ll want to maximize the space you do have. Other ways you can make your rooms look bigger is with the use of decor. Choosing light-colored walls and keeping them simple and plain is one way to lighten things up to make everywhere look bigger. Darker colors and busy patterns can draw everything in and make it look more closed and claustrophobic. You can bring in detail and interest with the use of accessories or a feature wall if you feel it looks too stark, rather than using patten everywhere. It’s a lot to think about, so if you’re unsure you could enlist the help of designers such as TheRenovationCompany.com.au  Alternatively, sites like Pinterest can be useful for getting design inspiration.


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You’ll Feel Better

Research has shown that people who describe their home as chaotic or messy have higher levels of stress hormone in their body.  Women seemed to be much more affected than men with this. So if your disorganised home is driving you crazy, it’s not just your mental health that could be affected but your physical health too. Increased cortisol can cause high blood pressure, inflammation and blood sugar problems. In extreme cases of untidiness- dust, mold and even pests can cause a hazard to health.

It Prevents Problems in The Home

In a tidy home, you’re much more likely to spot damage and any problems more easily. And the quicker you spot and repair these things, the cheaper it will be. It could be something like a slow leak causing areas of damp, or cracks forming. Whatever it is, in a clean and tidy home these things are not going to be hidden and unnoticed.

Are you a tidy person? What tips do you have for keeping a clean and organised environment?