The beginning of the new year brings about lots of things like, goal setting, new challenges and time to reflect on the year that was, as well as the year ahead.  I love to set goals.  I don’t call them resolutions but simply they are tasks that I would like to achieve for the year ahead.  For whatever reason I don’t achieve them it’s ok. I will however try to stay focussed and achieve them by my set target.  A lot of my goals are exercise and running related so I won’t bore you with those but I also set goals to get things done around the house.light2_opt

A Good Goal Has A Personal Meaning

There’s no point in stealing your best friends goals and expecting to stay motivated.  Set goals that are personal to you and you only.  Like I mentioned above, I love to set running goals for myself.  These mean absolutely nothing to anyone else but to me, if I achieve them, I will feel on top of the world.


Set A Goal That Is Specific

Try to be quite specific about your goal.  Saying you want to be more organised is a great goal but really hone in and be specific.  What areas do you want to be more organised in, your home office, your home, your life? Get the picture?


Set a Challenging Goal but be Realistic

Go out of your comfort zone but make sure they are achievable.  One of my running goals is to run and Ultra Marathon but at the moment that is unachievable until I run a Marathon.  Set goals that challenge you but are realistic.  This will keep you motivated and make you grow and when you reach your goal you will be so proud.



Give Your Goal A Time

I like to give my goals a time to complete.  Usually that means writing them down in January and working towards achieving them by the end of the year.  Your goal might be short term like 3 months or it may be l longer term like 3 years.  Setting a goal time will make you accountable and hopefully take action so you can achieve it.

Remember a good goal will keep you motivated.

Are you working towards any goals this year, I’d love to hear?