Start your search with a size in mind; this will help you quickly narrow down your possibilities. It’s also crucial to think about where you’ll put it when you buy, as this can affect the size you need. Is your artwork going to be hung directly on the wall or will it be propped up on a surface like a buffet or a desk?

When it comes to decorating an entire space with many works of art, size is still an important factor to consider. Begin with the larger pieces and work your way down to the smaller ones, filling in any gaps as the room takes shape. If you want a large statement artwork above your sofa, for example, start there because it will be the first thing people see. As you begin to put your space together, the little supporting items you choose will rapidly add up, and your home will be decorated with themes you adore in no time.

Here are some common artwork sizes to consider to help you better comprehend scale:

  • Huge: 1 metre or greater in length, oversized art works act as the main point of a room. They look fantastic when put above a large piece of furniture like a couch, bed, or dining table.
  • Large: Large wall art pieces with frames between 80 and 100 centimetres in length make wonderful centrepieces to rest on a surface or can act as the focal point of a busy gallery wall.
  • Medium: Medium-sized wall art ranges in length from 60 to 80 centimetres and is the most adaptable size. Combine two to create a gallery wall, or let a single piece stand alone in a minimalist space.
  • Small: Small frames are normally 45 to 60 cm in length and are ideal for stacking together to create a gallery wall! For a dynamic impression, combine two to six small pieces of wall art.
  • Mini: Last but not least, the group’s baby — mini frames! Mini prints, which are between 25 and 45 cm in length, look best when grouped together.


If size isn’t your thing, consider the most important factor in most interior design decisions: style. Because your home’s style and point of view are likely already established, you’ll want to consider this while choosing wall art and consider how your new buy will fit into your room.

Whether you choose modern, classic, coastal chic, or simple Scandi, the Australian wall art you choose can help to define and improve the style of your house, so choose wisely! There’s something for everyone if you know where (and how) to look, from abstract prints to peaceful nature photography to minimalist, neutral paintings.

Here are a few of our best suggestions for coordinating your style with your wall art selections:

  • Consider the mood your home evokes (or the mood you want it to create) and look for art that represents that mood. Do you want to feel as though you’re on a beach while you’re actually in the center of a frantic, busy city? Rather from making you feel energized, your design choices are likely to make you feel comfortable. To bring things together, reflect this in your work.
  • Allow your personal style to influence the type of art you select. Black and white photography pieces may work well in modern dwellings, whilst a textured painting in beachy tones may work better in a coastal cottage.
  • When in doubt, framing comes in handy. If you’ve chosen a work that feels a little odd, reframing it could help you see it differently. After all, a sleek, silver frame won’t work in a Scandi home; instead, go for a softer, light wood choice to bring the place together.
  • Don’t ignore the importance of size. It’s just as significant, so think about the size of the object you’re choosing as well as its overall aesthetic.