Do you find yourself buying Easter eggs only to eat them when you get home.  When I do my food shopping I am constantly allured by the colourful little eggs, but this time it was little chocolate chickens.



Archer has so much fun at four year old kinder.  I dropped him off only to realise that my shoes blended in very well with the glitter table he was playing at.



Nothing beat a new edition of  Real Living magazine,  a cuppa and a sit down.



I made Tasty Almond balls which are a very healthy alternative to the ones made with condensed milk.  You can view my recipe  here.


I made a picture book of some of my Instagram vignettes.  I am so pleased with quality.  You don’t necessarily have to print vignettes, you could do a birthday party, or holiday or just pick random photos that you like.  I printed it using Kikki K Create.   Check it out here.


It was a nice surprise to see my picture in the Sunday Style Magazine.



I am trying really, really hard to get my school work done.


How’s your week been?  What have you been up to?