What’s lurking in your carpet?

Sounds revolting doesn’t it? But do we really know what is lurking in our carpets and rugs in our homes?

I recently read this post from local cleaning company Cheap as Chips, and was shocked by the amount of germs and bacteria found in carpets.  The thought of mould, dust mites and germs lurking in my carpet is enough to make me sick.

So what can we do about it?


Here are some tops tips to help keep your carpet clean.



 Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is not only one of the best ways to remove allergies and to also get rid of pet fur but it will also kill germs and mould throughout all of the carpeting in your home.  It also deodorizes, removes stains and leaves your carpet fresh, clean and sanitised by the gentle cleaning action of water.  Leaving it just like brand new.

Allergens aren’t the only things hanging around in your carpets though.  There is bacteria, viruses and mould.  They can all lurk unseen deep in the crevices of the carpets throughout your home.   It sounds terrible doesn’t it?

Steam cleaning extracts these harmful agents by forcing hot vapor molecules through the surface.  It is so hot it will kill them on the spot. Bacteria and viruses like E. Coli and Salmonella are gone for good.


Get The Kids To Remove Their Shoes

Get the kids into a habit of removing their shoes when they enter the home.  This will help keep your home a little tidier and especially in Winter will stop muddy shoes going on your carpet and rugs.


Call In The Experts

So who are the experts that you can trust to steam clean your carpets?

If you live in Melbourne then Cheap as Chips  are the professionals to call.  They also offer other services like duct cleaning, leather and upholstery cleaning, they will even clean your gutters.  Now that reminds me, I need to get my gutters cleaned out.


Vacuum Regularly

Invest in keeping your carpets and rugs clean and vacuum regularly.  This will help get rid of dust and pet hair and keep your carpets and smelling and looking clean.

Get rid of allergens, eliminate stubborn stains and make sure mould and germs are gone and gone for good to ensure your carpets last a lifetime.