Wood is one of the hottest home design trends right now. People want to give their interiors a natural and organic vibe. 

But including wood in a home requires a little more finesse than you might imagine. In general, it is a bad idea to just place it at random and hope for the best. If you do that, you’ll wind up with something that looks like it came right out of the 1970s – that’s not ideal. 

So what can you do to bring wood into your home in a way that makes sense?

Combine Rustic Wood Elements With Modern Design

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The primary reason wood doesn’t work in interior design is that there isn’t enough contrast between rustic elements and the rest of the room. Adding the material to a space without a clear theme is a recipe for disaster. You wind up with something that looks confused and cluttered. 

The solution is to use rustic elements frugally and combine them with modern materials. Glass-topped wooden coffee tables, desks and cabinets are all excellent ideas of this principle in action. When you combine both styles, you get the best of each. The wood offers a natural feel, while the modern element keeps everything looking smart. It really works. 

Creating partitions in your home is something that you will find yourself having to do from time to time. Often you’ll want to open up a room or build an extension, or even a new ensuite. Wood is an excellent material for the job because it creates a sense of lightness. 

Cabinet Timbers provides an excellent example of the type of approach that you might want to take. First, you create the partition from standard materials – whatever your builder or architect recommends. Then you add veneers – panels of wood that slot over the top. It helps to soften the room and makes it feel all the more natural. 

Add Vintage Cabinets

While adding wood elements can sometimes be a challenge, vintage cabinets work in practically every style of interior. They tend to meld into the background but, at the same time, add an air of quality to the room. Even large, long desks can lift an interior space while adding practical storage for all your items. 

Use Crafted Furniture

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You don’t, of course, have to rely on antiques or vintage wooden items to get more of them into your home. Even today, there are still thousands of active artisans, all willing to create something bespoke for you, from scratch. 

What’s nice about their work is how they incorporate modern design trends into their approach. So you tend to wind up with unique objects that slot right into your existing designs. You don’t have to go down the shabby chic route and just put up with whatever visual contrast you ultimately create. You get something that suits your rooms. 

If you just want something basic, ask for furniture with minimal lines, and free from ornamentation. Rocking chairs and coffee tables are both excellent ideas.