Making the most of your garden can open up your home and add extra space for you to enjoy and relax n when at home. Done correctly, a well-designed garden can act as a spare room in the house and even add value to your home should you be looking at selling at some point in the future.

Image Credit: Pexels CC0 License

Knowing how to make the most of your outside space can be tricky; after all, everyone has different tastes. One great tip is to do as you would in a room indoors. Keep to the same style for the whole garden for a seamless and stylish look that wouldn’t look out of place in an interiors magazine.


Making sure you have your lawn well cared for regularly and any landscaping work undertaken is essential if you are looking to make the most out of your garden. DD’s Landscaping can help you to design a garden that suits your requirements.

From lawn care to artificial grass and flower beds, you want to make sure these areas are looked after regularly for an inviting space that compliments your home and adds curb appeal should you choose to sell the property. Make sure you can maintain the work required for our garden or hire a gardener or landscaper to keep on top of this for you.

Continue your design into any paving stones or pathways in the garden. Add in a small winding path through the grass to avoid people needing to walk on your lawn. Add a border and decorate with pebblestones, crazy paving ideas and even lamp posts for a quaint touch.


Adding decking to your garden instantly changes the look and feel of the whole area. Whether you are having a hot tub built-in or a space to relax away from a pool or even an outdoor dining area, whatever your decking will be used for, you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Add steps to create a different level as you enter the garden from your home or turn part of your garden in a separate dining area with a fence lined decking area. You can tailor the decking to your style and create your perfect garden. Why not add in solar spotlights to lower sections of the decking to give your garden more light after dark?


When adding accessories or ornaments to your garden, think of the type of look you want to go for and make sure what you add adds value and completes the look rather than just adding items needlessly to fill space. Well placed planters that match a decking area can enhance your garden and carry on through the style into other areas.

Low fencing around grassed areas and plant borders can help you define the space and add some boundaries too. Garden lighting, fire pits and garden heaters are practical items to add to your garden as well as being able to complete your look.