When it comes to interior décor, there’s a lot to consider and do, making it an overwhelming process to go through without some support. In this article, you’ll learn new ideas to decorate a significant aspect of your interior décor – your windows. Besides, as the entree for light and fresh air, windows need just as much attention as your floors and roof.


One of the great ways to customize your house is by using window treatments that set you apart from other homeowners. 

Blinds are standard window accessories that you can find in almost every store you visit. However, many people haven’t grasped their benefits enough to use them frequently. 

For starters, exterior blinds are versatile options that maximize space, provide all-around privacy and add flair to your outdoors.

More importantly, blinds help you irradiate your house effortlessly due to their lightweight fabric and functionality. So, when you choose blinds, you’ll get more for one deal – you’ll have a brighter home while improving your indoor aesthetics.

Happily, there are endless blind designs, colours, textures, and functions that will meet your needs. With that said, it’s time to ditch those curtains and try out blinds for a fantastic experience.


The beauty of panels is you can use them with other accessories or alone – either way, they function equally well. Panels are heavier than curtains and can work on small windows, glass doors, and large windows to completely block out light.

If you want to use panels with other treatments, consider placing them on top of these treatments for more profundity. Because panels are heavyweight, use sheer treatments underneath not to outweigh other elements.

Moreover, you can open up your panels to stream in light without opening the bottom layers. This allows you to maintain privacy while enjoying maximum natural lighting.

On the other hand, if you want fewer window accessories, use panels exclusively. Consider installing lengthy panels on large windows or glass doors for a dramatic and elegant flow aesthetic. 

Bear in mind that panels are better in some rooms than they are in others. Sure, you could use them anywhere but for the best results, use them in areas you want to block out light, like your bedroom.

Sheer Curtains

Unlike panels and other window treatment options, curtains come in softer materials and lightweight, with sheer curtains as one of the lightest ones. 

The reason sheer curtains are stylish statements is that their duality lightens up a house while adding a dash of elegance to its interior. Sheer curtains come in numerous colours, lengths, and designs for a quick transformation to boot.  

Crucially, owing to their aesthetic and soft fabric that offers high brightness, you can use sheer curtains as indoor partitions. So, if you have an open floor design with a high ceiling, it’d be best to use long sheer curtains instead of sliding doors or other partitions for a more sophisticated and minimalistic look.

Take your creativity a notch higher this year by ditching conventional window treatments and using trendy ones like those above. Fortunately, regardless of your budget, the above ideas have high performance that’ll meet your needs and create an alluring look instantly.