Have you ever moved into a new house and suddenly felt like an intruder or a stranger? This usually takes place when you haven’t given your home a personal touch. Although it’s a continuous exercise, work hard to give your home a rich personality that portrays your values, inspirations and character. Let people know who you are by just looking at your home. How do you do it?

Brown Wooden Center Table

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Carefully Select Your Valuables

You don’t randomly buy items to fill up the same but carefully select each product to protect your values and preferences. If you love culture and possessions with a deep heritage, it might take some time to identify ideal pieces, and it will cost more, but it’s worthwhile. 

At the end of it all, you’ll admiringly look at every collection in your home and draw inspiring and beautiful stories you can pass on to visitors and other family members. For instance, having David Hart Galleries collections in your home reminds you of a rich artistic talent passed on through generations.

With the internet, it’s easier to search for ideal pieces, pay and have them delivered to your home from anywhere in the world. 

Paint the Walls with Your Preferred Colours

You don’t have to go along with the house colours if you don’t like them but can add some personality by choosing your preferred shades. If you find the task too involving and expensive, paint a wall or two with your favourite colours. 

Also, consider painting the front door to look different, stylish and welcoming. Most homes in a neighbourhood exhibit the same door style, make and colour, which can be boring to look at. When you make yours look different, it stands out and boldly displays your personality. Also, consider changing the doors hardware and locks, which is essential when moving into a new house.

Hang Family Photos on the Walls

Everyone loves looking at old family photos, and what better way to tell your family story than with wall hangings of your favourite family members. Visitors will enjoy looking at the pictures and learn about your family history while you will feel more at home surrounded by familiar faces of people you love and care about. 

When your new home feels strange, hanging the photos changes the atmosphere making it warmer, cozier and friendly. 

Make Affordable Upgrades

As you get used to the new home, you’ll start noticing issues you can quickly fix, making you feel better about the place. For instance, changing a dull and old light fixture with a new, elegant piece transforms the room into a beautiful, bright and warm space. Check other items that need fresh paint or cleaning to brighten them up, making your home feel cozier. 

As you move in more familiar furniture and thoroughly scrub the house to give it a familiar scent, you’ll notice a change in your mood and how you feel about the new space. It might take some time to fully transform the house to your preferred style, but the wait will be worthwhile.