What’s the one thing you love about your home?  Is it the entrance you’ve created or your new kitchen?  It’s no surprise that our environment influences our mood.  Think about when you go shopping.  The shelves are beautifully displayed and colour co ordinated.  You feel more inclined to purchase don’t you?  The same applies to your home.  If you like what you see when you get home, chances are it will make you a lot happier person.  Just a few simple tips to turn your emotions around.  6 home decor ideas that will make you happier are simple and anyone can give them a try.

1. Add Colour

No need to repaint, think about brightening your place with a few colourful cushions.  Choose a colour palette you love, not what the trends are saying.


2. Add a Gallery Wall

Simple photographs of cherished times displayed on your walls can evoke emotions of happiness.  Remembering your babies first smile or great grandparents that are no longer with us.  This makes nice reminders as we walk past the wall everyday.


3.Use Scented Products

No one wants to smell last nights smelly curry still lingering in the kitchen.  Scented candles, electric wax warmers and diffusers come in so many beautiful scents.  Burn them for a lovely fresh smelling house.


4.Create a Relaxed Entertaining Area

Everyone wants to relax in a space that they love.  Make sure you use a colour palette that smoothes you and relaxes you.  When it comes to entertaining family and friends, make sure you have plenty of seats for everyone to sit in and feel comfortable.  Personal happiness and well being come from spending quality time with family and friends.


5. Play Music In Your Home

Everyone knows music makes you happy, especially when you put on your favorite song.  Get your home set up or ask the specialists to come in and set your home up for you.  Todds Hi Fi is a great place to start, with on line shopping and all the information and products you need, you’ll be dancing your way around your home in no time.


6. Buy Homewares You Love

I’m a firm believer of this.  Only buy what you love as after all you are the one that is going to have to look at it.  Buy homewares you love and that make you feel happy.  Throw out items that make you feel like your house is cluttered and out dated.


I hope these tips have helped you out.

Do you have any other tips to share to make your home your happiest place?