My youngest turned 5 years old this week.  I cannot believe where the time has gone.  Five year old’s are so much fun, funny, active, obliging and of course loving.  I think Archer asks to marry me everyday.  I love it.

We had a fun, family celebration in a local park.


Archer made sure the light box had his birthday up in lights!


Archer loved his birthday cake.  I used Kit Kats for the exterior and filled the centre with Malteeser balls.  If you missed the tutorial on the Balloon Toppers you can view it here.


Of course there were lots of balloons.  This is the playground we went to.  It’s all under cover and the kids love it.  Its got lots of tunnels and lots of places that you can climb.

We took all the food to the park and my hubby even took a generator so the Nespresso machine was pumping out hot coffee all morning.  I think he counted 40 pods – so that’s 40 cups of coffee!  It was such a great idea.

archersbdayo 3_opt

Here is Archer with his cousins Barney and Sienna.


On the night of Archer’s actual birthday we kept it simple with his favourite dinner at home and Cookie Cake that he absolutely adored.  Happy Birthday little man, we love you to bits.