The Candy Room

Have you been to The Candy Room?

Well I suggest you go and take a look at this cute candy store in Melbourne CBD.

The candy room

Hard candy, smarties, sour worms, liquorice, jellybeans and gum balls, the novelty concept of this store means once you enter you literally act like a ‘kid in a candy store’. The candy room 2

The labels on the packaging are in black and white and the store is cartoon like. The lollies pop out against the back drop in all their glorious colours. It truly is eye candy!the candy room3 The candyroom4

We purchased the ‘Chill Pills’ a jar of mixed jelly beans. Some freckles, liquorice assortments in a container and a mixed bag of sour straps and gummy bears. It came to just under $30.00. Although not a cheap way to buy your sweets, it was a fun to visit and an outing for the afternoon.



20130907-173017.jpgLet me know if you visit.