I haven’t done a fashion style blog post in awhile and just realised I am crushing over gold so much at the moment.   I thought I’d share some of my favourite fashion style with gold items I have purchased recently or just fallen in love with.


I recently purchased these Nike, sequin, gold glitter runners.  They are so cute and shiny.  You can purchase them from here.


I am wanting to purchase this bronze Shimmer instant illuminiser by Jennifer Hawkins.  She always looks so amazing and maybe some of this might be in the bottle.  You can purchase this from here. 


What about a pair of these Butterfly sunglasses’s from Chanel.  Not sure I’d wear them but they are very luxe don’t you think?

You can purchase these from here.


I recently purchased a Mimco handbag which is gold on one side and black on the other, you can purchase it from here.

Also I needed a gold pouch to match, you can buy that here.  It holds  my credit cards and a bit of money for when I am out.  Great for when you are catching up with girlfriends for coffee.

Seed had the most irresistible gold sandals that I just had to have, you can purchase these from here.  They are jelly sandals and come in lots of cool colours too.

Are you crushing over gold at the moment and purchased anything cute lately?