Do you rent where you live or are you lucky enough to have an investment property?  If so, then today’s story will be of interest to you.

You may even know a real estate professional or work in that field yourself where property inspections are a routine part of the job.  Then listen up because the tedious task of home inspections for both the landlord and tenant is about to change.


It comes as no surprise that a routine home inspection also comes with its fair share of problems.  Considering that a rental property is required to be inspected at a minimum of every six months, the whole process can be a daunting task for home owners and real estate professionals as well as the time inconvenience for the tenant.


There are guidelines to follow before inspecting a property.

Giving the appropriate notice to the tenant, knocking before entering with a key, and not forgetting the full inspection rental checklist that needs to be filled in. Then there is the task of putting all the findings into a report.  This is time consuming and photos and notes can get lost.

Remember home inspections may sound like a lot of work, but they are important. They ensure that the property is being looked after and kept clean and tidy.




Fortunately, the future of home inspections is changing.  Home inspection apps can help make the process easier for home owners and real estate professionals.  Apps like Inspection Manager are the solution for solving lots of inspection issues.   Trying to get images off a digital camera can be tricky, losing inspection reports can easily happen and writing down handwritten notes and then having to re-write them into a report is time consuming.

The Inspection Manager app takes away the need for trying to juggle an inspection with a digital camera, a clipboard and inspection report.  The app can cut down admin time, and cut down the disputes, because now everything is recorded and timestamped while you are onsite at the property.

This is the future of home inspections and all parties involved will be happy about that I’m sure.