Keeping your home, its contents and more importantly its inhabitants safe are homeowners top priority. Whatever budget you have available to protect your home there are steps you can take to maximise your home security. Here are few ways in which you can help to protect your home and everything and everyone in it. 

Update the locks

How long have you lived in your house? Have you ever changed the locks? Is it possible that there are people with keys to your house that you would rather they didn’t have? Have a walk around your house and take stock of the locks on all exterior doors. Do they jam easily or are they easily removed? Can they be easily picked? Are they sturdy enough? Pay particular attention to garden doors as these locks are often of a lower standard to your front doors. All exterior doors should have some form of deadbolt. Does yours? A top tip is to avoid making your locks a DIY project and hire professionals, a good locksmith such as Tas Mobile Locksmiths will be able to attend to your property, assess the security of your locks and advise as to any upgrades that you may benefit from. Don’t forget window locks also. These are a great safety feature that often go over looked.

Photo Credit; Pixabay from Pexels

Lock windows and doors

So you’ve invested in improving the exterior locks on both your doors and windows but this improvement will only work if you actually lock them. While locking your doors comes as second nature the windows can often be forgotten. If an opportunist thief were to walk past and see an easy access point to your home, be it an open or unlocked window, what is to stop them from seizing the opportunity? If you are leaving the house at the very least ensure windows are closed, however small they are, but ultimately you want to lock them too. 

Keep valuable out of sight

Surprisingly, the majority of burglaries take place during the day. Avoid falling victim to this by keeping expensive items out of sight. Keep tools and bikes locked away in sheds or garages. Don’t leave expensive tech on display and lock away expensive jewellery, cash or personal possessions in a safe, if you have one. Another great tip is to utilise window treatments such as blinds or curtains to obscure sightlines into your property to stop passers-by window-shopping into your private property. 

Motion sensor lighting

Use bright powerful motion sensor lights at the front and rear of your property. In fact, they are best used around the entire property and particularly by any entry point. Motion sensor lights will illuminate the space around them when motion is detected. This will help deter any burglar from trying to gain access to your property as they will be on full display if they do. Furthermore, they are particularly useful when CCTV is installed. The image quality of CCTV can deteriorate in the dark making perpetrators harder to identify. Flooding a burglars break-in attempt with light will improve the quality of the CCTV footage and thus creating a greater deterrent and more chance of identifying a potential suspect. 


Finally, it is always a good idea to invest in an alarm system. Alarm systems can be used when you leave the property or set for during the night when you are asleep. Alarms can also be linked to local policing units or security companies who are notified if the alarm is triggered. Alarm units are generally displayed proudly on the front of houses and this alone can be an effective deterrent.